Craig Stevens

Studio 367 was designed and built by owner Craig Stevens. Having worked for a number of years in architecture practices in Sydney, Craig immersed himself in the design and construction of all aspects of Studio 367, including the buildings, interiors and landscape, and has developed methodologies to deliver high end architectural spaces affordably. The property is still developing, with another dwelling in the same style currently under construction at the rear of the site.

Featuring metal cladding, plywood ceilings, timber, steel and glass detailing, Studio 367 is very much a showcase of Craig’s design and construction talents. It captures a number of current trends in architecture and is unique for the region. The buildings are low maintenance, light and spacious. Materials and construction methods are featured rather than hidden, resulting in a refined industrial aesthetic.

Craig operates a design practice on site and welcomes enquiries for design services on a range of project types, including homes, multi-unit residential, and commercial projects. See below for some other project images.

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